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Hey guys Sage is the name and ER Physician Assistant is the game. This little website called Suture Sounds is all about my crazy and hectic life as a Physician Assistant and the thoughts that I have about life. It has always been a passion of mine to be working in the healthcare field since I was a little girl! I remember the time when I was in the hospital undergoing surgery for a tumor that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The scary part was the fact that this tumor was growing inside my brain and was causing me excruciating migraine headaches and pain! I was 10 at the time and remember being so scared of what was to come. I also remember my mom being so worried and frighten that she might lose her little girl. I remember that checkup consisted of many nurses and a couple of Dr’s examining me right before surgery. The main thing that stood out was how kind and compassionate they were when they realized how frighten I was and how nervous a little ten year old girl could be undergoing brain surgery.

My mom was also a nervous wreck because Dr. Smith had mentioned to her that risks of the surgery could involve brain damage and vegetation! Needless, to say the staff had a lot of work on there hands for helping these two scaredy cats. One of the Nurses help get me mentally prepared by singing my favorite nursery rhyme and allowing me to paint her nails. The staff also brought in a magician and a clown to cheer up all the kids in the hospital that day. Long story short, the surgery went extremely well and I had overcame a very difficult health issue in my life.

The outcome just made me absolutely fall in love with healthcare and helping those in need. I can say that I am extremely proud of being a part of an Emergency Room team within the same hospital that I once received treatment. We are very big in cheering up the kids as well and for this Valentines Day, we had a delivery of flowers by a great group of guys at the towing company in Plano. If you ever need some road side assistance then please support them at It truly warms my heart when companies go out of there way to help these kids who are going through a very difficult time. It makes me cry knowing that I used to be one of these kids here who just needed a good laugh and love from another smiling face. Well, it was definitely a great week and until next time. Love you guys and gals and we be posting soon!

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